Going All Natural

I understand and know that I am not the only one that has these challenges keeping my face not only hydrated in summer time, but keeping it looking amazing and as a women, we always need that right? and not dried out from an excessive amount of sunshine. With a little common sense and help with these products below, your skin will be radiant, wonderful and feel energenic. It’s tough enough as it is to try and tame our hair, keep our make up looking natural and on point and if you have kids trust me it can get really tough to do even the littlest for yourself. On my blog you’ll find a lot of useful info to try and make things a little easier, with a few tips on a natural hair smoothing treatment that has worked for me in the past as well as your more popular and conventional hair straightening treatments like the Brazilian blow dry and other keratin smoothing treatment as well and always remember to use an SPF of 15 or even higher in the summer, the sun can really harm your skin.


You Are What You Eat

By far among the king fruits out there, mango isn’t just something you should eat everyday, but it is so delicious when ripe and properly picked, studies show that eating one mango a day will prevent constipation and even lower your chances of cancer and heart disease. Once you begin eating this fruit that is mouth watering and succulent, you will see your skin has almost automatically restored it’s elasticity, it will regenerate skin cells and your skin all will not be so hard, in fact it will glow. This can be the top fruit that fights all skin aging and actually bringing back life to your face.

Use Toner

I’m a huge believer in using toner not to only restrain the oil from your skin, but also when properly used it will give your skin a glow which is in your face. Just a couple of swipes along your T zone really can make your skin prepared and matte for any kind of make-up you want to put on. Anything citrus is a toner that is natural, so making just a little cocktail of lemon and orange could make your skin completely amazing. Without going with a moisturizer that’s lightweight you can not have delightful, soft, radiant skin, and that’s designed for your particular skin problems. If you’ve got an oily T zone, you do not need to always get a full on moisturizer for oily skin, instead choose mix that works for you, this may take some trial and error and see what moisturizer makes your skin glow. Your skin is so, so important and no matter what you are doing, you have got to care for it. They mightn’t work in winter months, recall that, although these are only a couple suggestions that you are able to use to actually get your skin in shape for the summer. So try them out, I promise you one can only benefit from these tips I have, get that skin looking nice and tight and stay consistent, your skin will looking better than ever with little or no makeup, here’s another tip get yourself a Brazilian hair straightening treatment with just a couple of Brazilian blowout products you can keep your looking natural, shiny and straight with little to no prep time.


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